Hidden beauty of a little Eastern European country. 

Well, as I already mentioned in one (or a couple?) of previous stories few weeks ago I undertook quite a major 'Le Tour de Latvia' adventure. To spend 3 days driving around the West coast of Latvia? Yes, please! Am always up for getaways outside Riga city. Let's put it simple, I just love discovering this little Eastern European country. Sometimes it feels like I've seen it all and I know this country quite well, but immediately after comes understanding that there's so many gems yet hidden across... in such cases I like saying that more is yet to come. Quite a number of 'Tours de Latvia' are definitely on the way. But going back to this recent adventure, a little city of Kuldīga happened to be on the list of those city-gems I was eager to explore.

To be honest, I can't really remember if I was to Kuldīga city before. Maybe we happened to visit this city while on one of those school trips? I don't remember. Really. But I guess I would surely remembered Ventas Rumba or these tiny streets. I don't, indeed. So let's put this visit as my very first one, at least in my adulthood. Speaking of Kuldīga city, in my opinion it's a perfect combination of this exceptional nature's beauty of Latvia land and 2-3 storeys high architectural monuments. I fell in love with these little buildings straightaway - pretty colors, tiled roofs, old doors... and flowers... this city is decorated with flowers from head to toes. Oh, I almost forgot about Ventas Rumba (okay, I didn't - I  mean, I couldn't), the widest, yet probably the lowest, waterfall in Europe. It's a highly magical and peaceful place. Caught myself thinking I would love waking up to this view every day and spend time listening to this special music waterfall produces. Oh if only...

When it comes to outfit for a little, or big, adventure around the city, then it's all about comfort. Just as usual. We know so far I do care my 'Tours de Latvia' and being able to discover every single bit of a new gem-location. As it was still august, read summer, I wanted to go for light colors. Beige and white seemed to be just a perfect choice. Well, a touch of black can never be odd. Frankly, I just wanted to pull these H&M jeans once again and did build the whole outfit around it. Did I already mention I fell for this pair due to fringed finishing? Okay, white jeans were not the best choice maybe as it was raining heavily at times, but still getting it a tiny bit dirty was worth it. Just the way it was worth not getting rid of this good old pair of loafers. Animal prints always add an interesting touch to one's outfit, don't you think?

TCM blazer
CNDirect top
Lindex loafers
Aldo bag

Photo: T. Egorova