Somewhere in the middle of Tukums. 

In continuation of our discussion that started out with seasonal wishlist last week. Just in case you missed it here is a link. Have a look at my other fashion crushes from this online retailer. Speaking of prices - quality correlation of Zaful, have to reassure you that for such pretty affordable prices you get a pretty good quality. At least the items I ordered turned to be just amazing. Plus goodies reached Riga in less than two weeks time, and this speed really comes as a surprise. Just in time for transitional season that's about to take place.

So I did receive my Zaful goodies and today's visual story is mainly about it. If you remember some time ago I shared a word or two about the upcoming blue-shaded fashion invasion into my wardrobe. Well, here it is. The idea of expanding my shades of blue division settled down in my mind few months ago. When I started reconsidering my color preferences and made a decision to really start working out my wardrobe strategy. How should my wardrobe look like? What do I want in terms of colors, pieces and styles? How can I increase wardrobe's practicality and decrease the level of impulsive purchases... oh wait, I seem to step into another story field.

Anyways, the Zaful pieces you are about to see in this story and in the upcoming ones actually do fit this practicality and simplicity direction I'm currently working on. And it's not just due to color thing. Well, okay, in terms of this bag it was the light blue shade that did affect my decision. But when it comes to the ''vise verse shirt', then it's all about my uniform approach addiction and overall love for shirts. Fine, the self-tie thing and buttons at the back side also played a great part in this decision making process. How about the overall outfit? See, firstly, as I said before blue color perfectly matches the black and white tandem. And, secondly... well, you know... my inner fashion intellectual approves this version of early autumn-ish uniform...

Look of the Day:
H&M blazer
Bakers shoes

Photo: T. Egorova