Detailed crush of the moment. 

We know it's September time o'clock and seasonal transition is just about to undertake an active attack, figuratively speaking. And the best part is that the attack will affect our wardrobes. No really, am I like the only one who's been looking forward for this seasonal shift? I already took out all my jackets and trench coats. Found myself falling into this state ever since August knocked the door. And as the mood has been calling for it I decided to take you around some of my current favorites I'm taking with me into September and beyond. So here are beauty, fashion and detail crushes of mine.

Okay, I already shared a word or two about this Vagabond shoe-couple (similar here). If there is something I would entitle as 'best addition to my wardrobe' the it's these shoes. See, I even don't mind hanging around my bed in these. Just the way I love hanging everywhere in recent vintage find with trending bell sleeves (wasn't really aiming to show it just yet, but the shot of the sleeve and lipstick persuaded me). Now let me spill few words regarding my beauty favorites of the moment, i. e. Eisenberg's J'OSE perfume and MAC lipcolour. Well, our story with perfume starts back in March and if the first second my reaction to it wasn't clear enough, the following morning I found myself being conquered. A pretty statement scent, and I do adore such. Finally, the huggable lipcolour. I think MAC did a great job with this one as it's much more soft and pleasant than a regular lipstick. Speaking of the Cantonese Carnation shade, it's super casual, not too vivid and goes well for 24/7 basis. A good shade to brighten one's all black everything uniform, huh?

Photo: A. Puzova