Swedish touch to my Eastern side. 

So... it's been exactly a week since Swedish label COS opened the doors of its first Riga-based store. The first one not simply in this little Eastern European city or Latvia, but also in Baltic countries. Well, the fact that these Swedes preferred Latvia over its neighbours to make this first step in the Baltic market is more than pleasurable, isn't it? So September 2 was the day, I mean 'COS day', that came together with a start of another transitional period - a good excuse to swing into a good shopping spree, right? Now, I guess, 'back to school' and 'back to office' people have fully upgraded their seasonal wardrobes with something classic yet eye-catchy.  

Do I consider COS a good fit for Latvia's retail market? Definitely yes. First of all, brand sits together with other affordable quality brands, namely Zara and Mango. Secondly, it broadens the overall range, read gives much more retail choices, within this 'quality at good prices' segment. And finally, yet most importantly at least for me, COS's stylistic direction - modern simplicity with a twist, plus unisex approach - was something local market did lack. At the end of the day, this Scandinavian modesty is not a stranger thing for Baltics, both in terms of colors, shapes and fabrics. Well, I guess I should finish my 'COS takes over Latvia' speech at this point as we all know I can talk on and on for hours. I should still save some words for later. Meanwhile, I would highly recommend all my Riga-based people to go and check out the store, the brand, the service, the collection and then build own opinion based on these factors. Hopefully, our views will match at this or that point.

But wait. If I'm done with the speech it doesn't mean we are wrapping the story up, right? There still are quite several lines I want to dedicate to this outfit combination. So,as I said it on Instagram a week or two ago I had a chance to try on some stuff from COS's Autumn/Winter collection just before the store officially opened its doors. Being familiar with COS since London days and having checked seasonal lookbook out I knew what kind of outfit I would wish to pull with this Swedish label. Yes, the white shirt plus classic pants. Now a little trick within this outfit is that the pants that I rolled up, just to enhance the super long sleeves (these reminded me of Pierrot of Tolstoy's 'Buratino' tale) effect (call it game of contrast), actually do come from men's collection. So I assume it simply underlines this unisex approach of COS. White and deep blue (or black), shirts and pants all do fit in my current 'unifrom mood' formula. Perfect one for September. Especially since weather still allows for a touch of heels and sunglasses.

Marc Jacobs shades

Photo: T. Egorova