Put a Ring on it

September 29, 2016

Rings, rings, rings. 

To put it straightaway, this idea of showing  you around my collection of rings (well, not the whole one though but rather my most favorite pieces) was swirling in my head for like a year or so. So I did put the ring-ish idea on pages of my 'little book of ideas' (I always keep it on head to write another thought of mine down or plan another story out, such a big helper it is) and had been thinking the visual concept of this story through from time to time. I was all ready to shoot it numerous times, but something seem to stop me. Unless this very brainchild popped up one morning...

How about white sheets, beloved marbled platter, I use for all kind of interior and photo purposes, and candle holder I keep for storing some jewelry? Sounds like a good idea. White and marble are always a win-win thing. Speaking of these ring favorites, there is no single direction to characterize it all. I mean here's a so-called pack of rings, pretty simple ones, that I find perfect for day to day basis.

Here's also a selection of miniature rings, both in golden and silver-ish shades, I use for more gentle outfits where accessories don't play such an centered role. And then comes the statement division and namely two rings from Balmain x H&M last year's collaboration. Honestly, I don't really go crazy over these two that much but whenever I need to add a special touch to an outfit one of these 'budget Balmain' pieces fit just perfectly...
Such a round-round, and infinite to a sense, story

Photo: A. Puzova

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