Facing winds in Autumn/Winter 2016 season. 

We are no way ready to abandon playful ruffles just yet. Right? So designers got something more wind-and-cold season appropriate for us. Hoorray, Hooray!
Right, this Autumn ruffles are facing interesting transformations. While some ruffles remain lightweight, other ones become more heavy and cozy. Pants, bombers, outerwear are all about heavy yet eye-catchy enough ruffles. Meanwhile cozy-ruffles come in hand with knitwear and sportswear that really make you want bundle up and go stroll, or jog, around yellow-ish-red parks. 
Best runway inspirations come from Gucci and Stella McCartney. While a wider choice of seasonal ruffles, from mass market to designer masterpieces, can be seen in PQAP's selection. Gone with the wind? If only you are armed with ruffles.

Image Courtesy: HARPER & HARLEY