Ditching off-shoulders for open-backs. 

Am officially in love with tie-back shirts. Now who would have thought I could fall for this kind of tops. Am not the one who would easily go for such kind of baring. But you know, I like pushing own boundaries from time to time. And try never say never when it comes to fashion and clothes. Everything changes and so do we. So... yes, two pinstripe shirts with tie-back thing in my arsenal now. In general terms, I find the topic of human's body within fashion being a pretty interesting one. Well, not just in terms of fashion. Let's put it this way - female's body within society. Yes, that's more correct. That's what actually I've been questioning lately.

That's what brings quite a lot contradiction these days. Yes, it's all about contradictions again. I mean people keep praising the freedom of self-expression, but is this freedom really in place? See, on one hand, when a woman prefers to go braless society will find it inappropriate. How come can one leave home and not wear a bra or even panties? It's not so human-like. Thus, society keeps calling on covering our selves. While, on the other hand, this exact society can't see how some women can walk down the street or come out to the beach fully covered - read hijabs, burkinis and/or some other sort of garments that hide female's body. Actually, I think women who go for inking their bodies also fall into these series. Just the way society finds it awful for a nipple to be noticeable, it also doesn't feel comfortable with hijabs and tattooed (female's) bodies. So the issue is, even in the year 2016 us, females, are not entire free with our own bodies. Especially when we opt for something that doesn't go along with masses.

And beyond the fact the society prefers to 'not undestand' and 'find it inappropriate' instead of 'accept each other the way we are' we also keep blaming each other for our body types.Well, speaking here of fashion, I find it really cool to be able to play around with clothes to hide this or emphasize that part of a body. It seems to me I got used to braless kind of thing just in time as the 'vice versa shirts' are not designed for any kind of bra. Just for you to know. I also find this tie-back thing being highly interesting one throughout autumn. See, you happen to wear an outer piece over it so you have this quite a formal look but the moment you take the jacket off the vibes of the outfit change. I mean, an open-back plus a cute box... charming, isn't it? And how can I finish the story off without commenting on my current passion of 'black + blue' color combination? Thankfully, I didn't get rid of this powerfully blue jacket like a year ago or so.

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Photo: T. Egorova