October in neutral shades. 

And here we go. It's already the second week of October. Now who would have thought we could reach this point that fast? Not me. Even though I have all my thumbs up for autumn. Better say, I have all my thumbs up for my seasonal, quite upgraded, wardrobe. Speaking of upgrades... this autumn I did approach my wardrobe issue from a pretty practical side. Both in terms of color range and pieces themselves. Putting it simple, I went for pieces that could perfectly complement my existing seasonal range, so I could easily mix and match things together and don't feel guilty over the fact this or that piece was only worn like once. It's vise verse now as I literally die to wear like 4 or 5 of my favorite tops of the moment at once.

So, the moment I discovered StyleWe online store I already managed to plan my seasonal wardrobe wishes out and had like a big part of upgrades coming my way. What I was missing on my... let's call it list... was a coat or a cardigan in quite a neutral shade - primarily black or grey. And after taking some good time to research all the options StyleWe offers, and they do have quite a lot within two of the outline categories, I decided to go for a coat in light grey shade. I mean, you can never go wrong with a classic coat, right? Especially in Latvia, where you spend like 6 to 8 months bundling up in this exact outerwear piece. And, well, considering the fact I already have black and brown coat options in my range, a light grey shade seem to lighten my color game up.

Have to say the coat arrived at my door just in time for late September - early October chills, and few days after I placed the order with StyleWe (that is supah dupah fast). And here we go with one of my favorite couple combinations this autumn - StyleWe coat and Vagabond shoes. Now these two do fancy each other. And I do have nothing against such a fashion-much partnership. Especially since it perfectly matches this practical and modern uniform-like wardrobe direction of mine. But, hey, speaking of today's combination in general terms, it is a kind of outfit formula one can use again and again on daily basis. Plus you can add small changes by replacing a turtleneck top with classic white shirt or replace pants with high-waist denims with raw edge or switch masculine-much shoes with feminine pumps and so on. Just think about it...

Look of the Day:
Lindex top

Photo: T. Egorova