Formula that always works. 

Initially, when I was planning this story out I was thinking of building the story around Parisian style, and the book that literally did blast social media a year or so ago, yes, it's the 'How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are' by Caroline de Maigret and Co. And by blast I mean the book was spotted in every second picture on Instagram (hope it only outlines the fact that book's sales level was high enough). But, well, when I actually started writing this story I somehow realized it, the visual part in first place, doesn't feel Parisian-much, at least to me. Maybe it's due to the lack of beret inm let's say, black or red color?

Anyways, a story, or better say an outfit formula that was meant to be Parisian turned out to be a more universal one. It was about this striped jumper and pointed toe flats, and maybe also a drop of red color, that brought those French vibes to my mind. The so-called elements that have long formed basics category of a French style. Maybe it's also this short haircut of mine that reminded me of Audrey Tautou - am a huge fan of her workds, especially the 'Amelie' and 'Coco Avant Chanel' movies (and I still think she's the best one out of all Chanel ambassadors over like past 16 years). But going back to my outfit combination and digging deeper into it, I find it to be more universally basic one. See, apart from the jumper and flats, with these slightly French vibes, there's also a pair of high-waisted jeans and a biker jacket - two essential basics of a modern day wardrobe.

Okay, okay, I know it's high time to switch from a jacket to a coat or even a proper fur... but let's just preserve this sun-kissed autumn atmosphere for a bit more out here. So, yes, all of the items I did outline so far are counted as modern day basics, around each of which you can easily build like a ton or two of different combinations. All thanks to practicality. Speaking of practicality and so, I mean one of my favorite wardrobe formulas, I lately found myself bringing neutral-ly toned outfits of mine (including black, white, grey, shades of beige and brown) to a whole new level by simply adding some colorful accents. Like in this very case it was all about a touch of power red I achieved by means of lipstick and a new bag via CNDirect.

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Asos flats (SIMILAR

Photo: T. Egorova