Halloween can also be fashionable. 

Halloween is right around the corner. And it seems pretty much of a tradition for PQAP now to bring some outfit inspirations based on movies and iconic characters. 
Last year ideas were based on the Halloween Diva much look. Well, this time our characters seem to be totally different. Both in their authentic styles, yes you got it right, and in their personalities. But these 4 ladies are the ones you know quite good. 
So have a closer look at each and choose the one to copy. And, maybe, see you while doing that trick-or-treat game?

Margot Tenenbaum (and The Royal Tenenbaums)

Thanks to creative minds of the fashion industry, the ones behind Gucci, Lacoste, Bally and more, both Margot Tenenbaum and her family are experiencing a huge revival. Especially in terms of fashion. On the upcoming Halloween night you can easily go single as Margot, or play it masculine - the Richie or Chas way,  or pair up with friends to recreate the Royal Tenenbaum clan. And don't forget, in this case it's all about intellectual side meets sportswear. So mix and match.

Bridget Jones

And she is back to big screen with her third diary. Have to be honest, we missed her. This funny and absolutely natural British woman. And a so-called release of her third diary can serve as a good opportunity to adopt the image of Bridget Jones this coming Halloween. One of the most iconic combinations of her is a pajamas plus cardigan. This lady really loves cardigans. She also likes mixing absolutely awkward pieces together, like a super mini skirt and transparent top. Well, the brave ones can also go for sexy panties and cardigan kind of combo. And no, you don't necessarily need snow.

Marilyn Monroe

Thanks to this Hollywood diva we know that gentlemen prefer blonds and diamonds are a girl's best friend. So why not put on that flying white dress, add a bright accent by means of a red lipstick and bring around that sensual charm? Dark haired ladies won't go by without a good blond-ish wig in this case. One of those crucial points.


As opposed to Hollywood Diva comes, probably, the most mysterious woman of ancient Egypt. Cleopatra is one of the most interesting characters to play with. Here you need to be really skillful in terms of makeup as her eye liner game is higher than average. So vivid eye shadows and eye liner are what you need first. Quite a lot of statement, massive golden jewelry is what need next. Her iconic mid-hair cut with a bang can easily be achieved by means of a wig. And when it comes to a gown you can opt for a gorgeous maxi dress.

Image Courtesy: Museboutiquelagunabeach, PopSugar, TimeOut, HitFix, Quotesgram