All kind of stars for Autumn/Winter 2016 season. 

Cause you're a sky full of stars. And we all know stars add a special kind of charm to this dark, night sky. Right?
So far we know both designer brands and mass market players like using star symbol in their works. Symbol can be applied in all different and interesting ways, like prints, embroidery, appliques and so on. And beyond clothes you can also play around such essential items as shoes and bags. Hats, scarves, trending fur stoles of the season and sunglasses count as well. In case you are in the mood of something more delicate, something you'll be able to pull on daily basis and with every single outfit combination then it's all about bijou. As simple as that.
Check out PQAP's selection full of star-much pieces and find your seasonal favorites.

Image Courtesy: art8amby