New print crush of the season. 

Star embellishment isn't something new. Still, we tend to fall for star-much invasion every single time it keeps coming back to fashion as pretty much an independent trend. Actually, my phrase 'keeps coming back to fashion' doesn't seem to be just correct. I mean star as a symbol (print, embellishment, embroidery and so on) doesn't really go out of fashion in general (also think of bags, shoes and jewelry here). There can be season when lots of designers apply star-ish embellishment within their collections, there might a season when it's just one designer using it (well this sounds less realistic). Let's put it this way then, one season star-much embellishment steps out in the limelight, the following season all attention is stolen by florals and Baroque prints. It's all about these fashion fluctuations, you know.

In my opinion this latest star boom in fashion is primarily caused by Stella McCartney and her brand. Shall we call it boom, okay? I bet we all know McCartney's Elyse star shoes, huh. I'm not really a fan of such platform shoes, but star details do add this spacious twist. And then it's also Stella McCartney's jeans embellishmed with star print. I kind of had an eye on it ever since winter 2015/2016. Now who would have thought I could really go for a pair of star-ish jeans? Though in a more mass market version. Well, Stella McCartney is far not the only designer who loves playing around this symbol. Let's look back at Hedi Slimane's work at Saint Laurent as he loved including stars in his collections, still in quite small portions. Speaking of Saint Laurent designers, they seem to really see Yve's legacy being complemented by star-much patterns at this or that point. Am now speaking of Stefano Pilati's Spring/Summer 2008 collection for this French fashion house.

And we can continue this list of 'designers playing with stars' with Anna Sui and Mary Katrantzou who mixed stars together with other elements, like hearts and so on, within their prints this Autumn/Winter season. We can also point out such mass market players as Forever 21, H&M, River Island, Topshop, and Light in the Box all of whom have a decent star-ed range to choose from. But let me share a word or two regarding today's outfit combination. I think we are somehow clear with the fact I seem to have a sort of a fashion crush over this pair of jeans, primarily due to embellishment. For some reason these jeans called for a little (or a lot of) rebelliousness. And within my own wardrobe this rebelliosness was met in the face of a vintage jacket that happened to replace the black biker piece here. And yes, there's no black color this time. As it's all about fashion fluctuations, you know.

Look of the Day:
vintage jacket (SIMILAR)

Photo: T. Egorova