Kiev Fashion Institute presents... 

Think of globalization and one language that really rules the game... Right, it's all about English. No matter where are you coming from and where you are going, English is a language that's the must. The same goes to fashion industry (and let's not write French and Italian off just yet).
Kiev Fashion Institute developed quite a special course - Fashion English - to help those who aim to work in fashion industry to master their level of English in general and acquire professional terminology used across the industry. Important note is, the whole course, that will last from November 7 to November 25, will be held in English. Under the guide of course leader Olenka Martynyuk, experienced fashion journalist and lecturer, and several other lecturers KFI students will learn the importance of productive communication with fashion magazines, how to write a review,  CV, fashion centered book or blog, as well as negotiate in business terms and much more.
Find more detailed information about the course and apply online via Kiev Fashion Institute website HERE.

Image Courtesy: MAOSUIT