The coat type for Autumn/Winter 2016 season. 

And we are back to cape coats as a kind of pretty statement seasonal trend. It's been a while now, right?
There were days when capes served as a fashion tool that could easily brighten up those gloomy days. Well, these days are back! An excellently tailored cape coat is what you can surely invest in when considering to get yourself a new outerwear piece this season. The best part is, there is a cape for every single taste. You can go for a short option or choose a longer piece. You can give preference to something military-much or artistic, or even super simple. Your seasonal cape can be made of wool, suede, leather, fur, velvet and so on and so on. There is a huge variety of prints, embroidery, detailing and colors. All you need is... just simply make a choice. And get that perfect cape coat. 
Best runway references include Derek Lam, Prada, DSquared2, Missoni (these have quite signature options), A Detacher and Gucci. Meanwhile, PQAP's selection is all about bringing those best seasonal capes together. 

Image Courtesy: Style Kick