Because a small bag can't fit everything. 

You know I like bag talks. I mean, look, we live in the age where there's a huge variety of bags, especially in terms of styles and sizes. Especially sizes. There's a shopper type that can fit literally most of your home. There's also a backpack that can fit your whole home, together with kitchen and bathroom stuff. And then there's a shoulder or a cross body bag. A much smaller piece that can fit everything, so you have to choose what to take with you while on the go. You so far have seen this bag find of mine from And the other day I was thinking why don't I make a more close-up look of it and share what I take with me when out and about with this blue babe. How you like this fashion illustration of mine done by Miss Zhigulich? In love with it so much that I did set it on my phone. Am always taking myself with me.

Okay, the details such as customized bangle, watch and sunglasses are not really stored inside the bag but rather complement it (and my overall look). We, girls, can't leave home without beauty essentials. In my case it's a time-tested (and never ending) mini kit from Dior, I believe I talked about it many times before but the kit consists of 3 neutral-shaded eyeshadows, nude-much lipstick from Rouge series and lip gloss from Addict series, plus a mirror - always make sure I have this all-in-one kit when I leave home. Well, I still take two of my favorite lipsticks, the nude-much MODELLAUNCHER and casually pink MAC, with me. It's always hard to choose which to apply. The smaller version of Invisibobble hair rings? These are such a helper in cases when I need to casually collect my hair up (thanks to Polhem PR Latvia for these). And finally... there's always some space for that fashion intellectual side of mine. In other words, count me an old schooled mind, but I love putting it all down on real paper, especially my thoughts. That's why I tend to take my so-called 'little book of ideas' with me, just in case a new (post) idea will pop up or I'll have a moment to plan an upcoming post out.  

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Dior kit

Photo: A. Puzova