18th of November

November 17, 2016

Right before Latvia turns a year older and a year wiser... 

Okay, it's almost that day of the year when a little, and independent, Eastern European country  - named Latvia - was born. Well, in 2 years time we'll be celebrating quite an anniversary... of 100 years. A pretty big date, if you think about it in a context of a life of an average human, huh?
So I took some time to figure out whether I should write something or not at all... And then one rhyme popped up in my head. I was back in, I guess, elementary school I had to learn half of it by heart for a competition. I think it was one of those first pieces with which my pretty good relationship with Latvian literature started. Aspazija no doubt is among those brightest minds that happened to be born on this little Eastern European land. And her poem 'Homeland' is nothing but a reflexion of those feelings she experienced while in emigration.
No,no. There's no hidden meaning behind it all. I just remember this poem years later, read it through once again (as a grown up now) and saw this piece of work in quite a different light now. And thought of sharing it in its original language (without any translations and so). You might not understand it at all, but I'll just leave it hear. To show my respect to all creative minds of Latvia. 
P. S. And shall I support it with two yet unpublished visuals from our collaboration with Reinis Ratnieks and Black Bag story? Because #madeinLatvia can never go wrong...

Photo: T. Egorova

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