Neutral shaded invasion. 

This is probably a point at which I am going to speak about practicality, quality and pieces that last, well once again. I've been talking quite a lot lately about changes I'm bringing to my wardrobe and the kind of wardrobe/style direction I did outline for myself several months ago. I know it might get boring to discuss literally the same topic again and again. But the high pace of fashion and over-consumerism issues have been on my mind lately. I mean, if you think about this the fashion cycle seem to be a pretty crazy thing - there are these new fashion trends popping up every single day and people spend more and more money to keep up with these trends. And people get rid of previous season pieces, even though they might still be in quite a good condition, in order to replace it with new season pieces, that will also be replaced in a couple of months. Sounds like a never ending story, right?

No, no. I'm not saying fashion trends are a bad sort of thing. Without highly fashionable, eye-catchy pieces designer's collections and runway shows wouldn't be that alluring to us, plus without certain seasonal directions, aka trends, it would definitely be hard to identify what sort of items could perfectly match one's wardrobe, this highlighten it. What I personally have been questioning lately is the way I make choices when it comes to clothes and all. Do I find this piece alluring simply because it's a pretty fashionable thing this season and will surely show I'm in the flow? Or does this piece really fit my arsenal? Will this piece actually last more than a week, a month, a season? Because I really do want the biggest past of my wardrobe to last more than a single season. I mean, we all want long-lasting kind of relationship with a friend or a lover... but why don't we aim to have the same attitude with clothes? If you get what I mean.

Pieces that last accompanied by some hot seasonal stuff - now this sounds like a more decent, practical wardrobe formula. I should probably think about it... This siLversands dress was one of those pieces that brought me to this fashion conclusion, made me reconsider this 'pieces that last' kind of thing. It's not like I never had lasting pieces over these 24 years on planet Earth. In this very case it's more about latest re-considerations I had in terms of fashion. And as far as I've touched the subject of this siLversands dress it's high time to speak about today's outfit combination. I managed to rock this outfit several times through late spring and mid-autumn periods and decided to also document it in visual terms. The black and grey combination happened to be super simple and highly practical, that's why I couldn't get enough of it. The only element that joined the game the last moment was choker. Like an icing to this practical cake.

Look of the Day:
Dresslink jacket shoes
New Look bag

Photo: T. Egorova