End of Autumn shopping list. 

So far we managed to discover all my latest, and seasonal-much, finds from CNDirect. Finds that perfectly complemented my practical direction oriented wardrobe.
And as we can already sense this breath of upcoming winter, I thought of a little inspiration-wish-list with some pieces via CNDirect that I find quite alluring. Plus it's all about practicality, pretty neutral shades and staying cozy-yet-stylish during these cold November (and further on) days.
What I personally like about this wishlist-selection is that most of these pieces can easily be mixed & matched in absolutely different combinations. So, I guess, it can also be named a capsule-like selection (like a capsule wardrobe thing). 
Let's have a look at what treasures are there at CNDirect at the moment. And am more than sure each of us, ladies, can find a couple or few favorites here...

Cold shoulder sweater | Striped sweater | Dress

Jeans | Skirt | Pants

Jacket | Parka | Coat

Bag | Backpack | Shoulder bag