The devil is in the detail. 

And while everyone's getting into this mono earring kind of trend, I decided to go for quite an oldie (and we all know that in the world of modern fashion item's life cycle is highly fast, so everything, I mean trends and so, that lasts for more than a month or two can immediately be characterized as an oldie) but still quite a goodie... an ear cuff. But, you know, speaking in general terms, I just love the effect that an ear cuff brings to one's outfit, or look, or whatever you name it.

I got this piece via CNDirect online store, together with several other new-ies you already saw in previous stories. I know it might sound cliche, but I fell for this ear cuff straightaway. And since I don't really wear earrings that much lately I thought this one might bring some fresh vibes to my seasonal fashion arsenal.

Speaking of this ear cuff, I mean its dragon-ish appearance, I can't escape not to outline the fact that Western and Eastern cultures see dragon's symbol completely different. Therefore, Western world see a dragon as a sign of destruction and everything evil, while for East it represents celestial power that's all about wisdom and hidden knowledge.

Needless to say I always considered a dragon to be that charming, powerful and smart creature even though I was raised upon fairy tales that picture this character as a pure evil. I believe it says quite a lot about which of the two cultures, Western or Eastern, predominates in my case. And, yes, since everything Eastern culture has out there is like stars to my night-much sky it doesn't come as a surprise I found this ear cuff so alluring. Plus it perfectly fits my short-and-dynamic hair cut...

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