An iconic French-much touch. 

Okay, I was planning this story ever since those sad news about Sonia Rykiel's final departure flooded media in late August. Was she one of my favorite designers? Well, I don't really like putting labels on when it comes to designers, artists, musicians and so. In all these cases preferences do change through years and the one who is your top favorite today may not be among your favorites tomorrow. It's a pretty natural thing that we all change, mature, and develop through years. I find it much easier to talk about favorites when it comes to clothes, but when it comes to people and creative minds I challenge myself to see a broader picture including their talents, ideas, values and impact on fashion, as well as culture and society.

And there's no single doubt Sonia Rykiel was, is and will always be one of those outstanding minds of the fashion world. Even more, she's one of the most inspiring females both in general terms and in terms of fashion. A red head lady who went all the way from designing window displays to building own fashion empire. A red head lady who made knitwear her own signature and turned it into a highly fashionable division. Sonia Rykiel's brand philosophy is usually described as 'la demode' (out of fashion) as she never followed the crowd, trends or whatever. And that's what made, and still makes, her fashion child to stand out. And that's what makes me sad these days when female designers just keep following the crowd and doing similar stuff to what's trendy right now. There's just minority of female designers who are brave enough to translate own views and voices by means of fashion.

Now why I felt like spreading some thoughts over this French female and her brand? All due to this vintage Sonia Rykiel sweater that I got for myself few years ago. A piece that I consider being one of my best vintage finds in first place. And a piece that did inherit its creator's authentic spirit (I talked about this issue back in Escada Blazer story). Black knitwear-ed tribute during Sonia Rykiel Spring/Summer 2017 runway show was, in my opinion, the best way to point out founder's spirit will stay with us. Well... What about this outfit combination of mine? Apart from making this vintage sweater the base of it I also wanted to create something daily, and golden autumn, appropriate. Something simple yet with a daring twist. Because sometimes all you want is a mild statement.

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Photo: T. Egorova