Trend Report | David Bowie Style Boots

November 22, 2016

Shoes of the Autumn/Winter 2016 season. 

How about trending boot style that seem to conquer seasonal runways by storm? Yes, it's all about platform boots. The kind of boots that bring back memories of two super bright musical legends...
There's no one like David Bowie and Spice Girls who really went crazy over platform boots. So it's not a surprise this kind of boots went all crazy this season - lots of colors, glitter, metallic shine, animal prints and so on - designers seem to drive inspiration exactly from David Bowie and Spice Girls. But it's not just about them. Some Gothic influences were also spotted, especially in super massive, buckled options. 'All eyes on...' expression is probably best way possible to characterize platform boots.
Best runway references take us to Maison Margiela, Balenciaga and Marc Jacobs. While most eye-catchy online options are all gathered in PQAP's selection...

Image Courtesy: Vogue Runway

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