And then one morning you wake up... the very first day of December. And no, it's not the fact that we are only some 30 days away from wrapping this whole year up. And no, it's not the fact that we are some 30 days away from opening a new, fresh chapter entitled '2017'. I always look forward for holiday season, big festivities and lots of magic. For me December is all about magic. Even though there might be no snow throughout this month, it can be all dull most of the time, there's still this mood up in the air. Well, this year festive mood bombarded me much earlier - around early November - with the arrival of first snow. But when I said 'December came early' I actually meant that past 6 months or so did fly by at the very furious speed. I clearly remember shooting this Curtained Ruffles story back in May when everything was yet blossoming and we all were in anticipation of summer vibes... and now it's already winter! Is it just me or at some point time started running faster? Okay. I should stop at this point. Otherwise I'll end up with another endless story. Oh, and here are few unpublished images that seemed to fit this little 'first day of December' kind of story.

Photo: T. Egorova