Right before clock strikes 2017... 

Okay, I think I'm finally ready to put all my thoughts together into a complete story. The end-of-the-year story that comes as a sort of a tradition now. A story by means of which I tend to look back at those past 360-something days and outline changes, primarily to myself, that happened along the way. To be honest, I changed the idea of this story like 4 or 5 times, I was even thinking of abandoning this so-called 'end-of-the-year wrap'. I had no entire idea what should I start with. Seriously, for the first time over past several years I had no idea how to start a story... until I bumped into yet one more sign, figuratively speaking.

Do you believe in signs? I mean signs that life sends us from time to time, not the road ones or that say 'entrance' or 'no smoking' and so... At some point I really started paying attention to such kind of things. Well, not every single time though and not in a maniacal-much manner. At times I get to realize this or that thing came as a sign just later on. Fine, I think we are good with life signs topic now (but, hey, you seriously can't underestimate the power of such signs). So, let's go back to 2016. I guess it was a pretty contradictory year, in all means. Don't you think so? Well, it was to me. As throughout this year I was trying to realize whether I should move on with blogging and concentrate on writing even more productive fashion-essays for WVmag (the online project I joined back in 2015) and maybe few more professional sources...

And by moving on with blogging I primarily mean minimize the number of publications and the amount of time I invest into it all - to make it a secondary kind of a project or put it on hold for some time. So it's not like I was about to shut my digital-child down, as one of my friends assumed. That would be a serious crime against my own self. We all know I love writing, that's the point at which I can free my inner fashion intellectual. If there's one thing (after food and sleep of course) I can't live without then it's writing. And ever since things, I mean my writing skills improved, started getting better and better with the side project it got harder for me not to sort of translate/discuss same topics or flow of thoughts twice. So I started feeling myself at crossroads and couldn't get rid of this thought that I have to choose between the two.

I found myself being trapped in a suspended state for like half a year, or even a bit more, until recently when WVmag stopped its existence. You know, I still have this dual feeling as on one hand I grew professionally together with the project and had a chance to to build a collection of great articles (well, I wasn't running it so had no chance to prevent a project of getting buried in a digital space), but on the other hand over this suspended state of 6 months I've had a chance to work and discover quite a number of interesting and cool brands, designers, people and companies by means of blogging. So, yes, looking back at every single of these experiences I think that's where this force of signs stepped in. Oh, and cheers to the most popular story of 2016 - the Touch of Orange one. I also find it to be one of my most favorite outfits and written stories.

And now, on the downhill of 2016 I still find myself being primarily a blogger rather than someone else. Oh dear, oh dear, it still feels awkward to label myself with this tag... probably because of that category of people that wouldn't mind placing bloggers in the same line with prostitutes... or criminals... or whatever... (no offense please)... yes, that exact category of people who like posting smashing (from their point of view) comments across social media regarding bloggers and blogging as concept. From their point of view, if one blogger acts weird, is uneducated and unintelligent then all others also fall into this type. Such a pattern thinking thing, right? Similar to what we hear when it comes to cultures, nationalities, religions and so on - topics where people mostly apply this unilateral stereotype. Wait a second. How did I even come to discussing this point? Sure it's an interesting topic to discuss, but not in terms of the end-of-the-year story.

I actually think it's super high time to finish this last story of 2016 off. And despite the fact it was quite a contradictory-much year (well every next year is like that, huh?) it still was a good one. Filled with fun, good and bad moments, priceless experiences and worth-y lessons. So, let us all strive to become better versions of our own selves and make 2017 a much better one, for all of us. Meanwhile, I'm thinking of taking a week off of blogging to fully re-energize and bring my thoughts together before diving into a totally fresh year. So, Happy (upcoming) New Year pumpkinitos! See you around January 9, 2017 of course.

Image Courtesy: Practical Queen AP