Swinging into sweater weather... 

And pulling that black and grey color combination throughout winter season. Okay, a year ago or so, I mean past winter season, I wouldn't go for this color combination on daily basis. Well, I wouldn't go for such an option in general terms. No, no, no. I've had quite a wide range of black pieces in my arsenal. I would and could pull a total black outfit combination, and refresh it with, let's say, gold shine tights. I've also had few, but just few, grey colored items. Back then grey color seemed to primarily come as a sort of a little touch. Was I somehow avoiding this color? I think so.

I mean, I've always been sure that such simple colors as black, brown, beige and white do work in my case. By my case I mean my super white (put it pale if you want) skin. Meanwhile, when it used to come to color grey I was never sure I feel myself comfortable enough while wearing it. Especially, the lighter shades of grey. They say never say never. And I totally agree with this saying. Your preferences may change with a blink of an eye. I've had a number of such experiences over the past 2-3 years, in terms of fashion in first place of course. But, okay, let's put this philosophy thing aside for now.

So my love affair with shades of grey saw its rise throughout this whole year. And to me today's outfit combination comes as a good example of how far I've come in his art of mastering grey color. This black and white mix perfectly meets my main current criteria - practicality with a twist for everyday. A sort of a uniform? Yes, a sort of my December, and in general winter-much, uniform that at the same time brings together three of my recent fashion finds from Sammy Dress, Rose Wholesale (make sure to follow their Facebook page for lots of interesting stuff) and Dress Lily retailers. How do I feel about lighter shades of grey these days? It's all about natural and comfortable vibes now. As natural as it is in case with today's make-up situation. Just basics. In all terms.

Look of the Day:
Miss Selfridge boots (SIMILAR)

Photo: T. Egorova