Shapewear yes? Or shapewear no? 

Right. I think shapewear topic is quite an interesting one. I remember researching it few years ago and interviewing one Latvia-based lingerie company for a local magazine. I think many of us believe this kind of myth that shapewear is mainly designed to meet the needs of more curvy ladies, who wish to visually hide or tighten this or that part of their bodies. Why myth? Well, by means of that exact interview I found out that skinny women also tend to find imperfections they wish to edit in visual terms. Surprise, surprise! Now this fact really surprised me and I even was thinking of maybe testing shapewear out myself... this idea faded away from my mind quite soon. But as I say, some things require perfect timing. And I finally got to test one shapewear piece - this very slip in nude color from PPZ.

Now, okay. On one hand, I really had this idea old-like idea of trying shapewear out. On the other hand, I've also been on a hunt for a nude-much under-garment for quite some time. So when I was researching PPZ's lingerie offering, that's quite varied, I found few favorites among which was the hero of today's story. To cut a super long story short, my final choice went for shapewear dress that in my opinion could help me kill two birds with one stone... first - serve as an under-dress for all my transparent dresses and tunics... and second - yes, the test. I don't have anything much to shape, but I can' deny the fact a little shaping effect comes into action to make lines look even more alluring. Plus I think such a lingerie piece won't let one overeat, that is quite a trend throughout NYE festivities. So who's ready to celebrate? I'm ready!