All day. Every day. 

One of the things... or techniques... or whatever you name it... I found myself falling for in 2016 is customization. I mean, I've always considered it to be a pretty interesting kind of thing. Especially these days when there's so much similar stuff on the market, and many similar products are being delivered to customers by a number of companies. And this is the point when personalization steps in. Customization, in my opinion, brings this or that piece to a whole new, especially emotional and private-much, level. That's how I see it, and feel it now. So my personalization-mania started with that cream, A. P, Whistle + Bango bangle that was followed by vintage denim jacket upgraded with PQAP abbreviation, my friend Vika did that magic (you can take a look at it once again in this story). Yes, I took these two special pieces with me throughout this whole year. And am taking both with me into 2017.

It's end of the year and my customization-addiction is still on the rise. In other words, my collection of personalized pieces saw a replenishment in the face of a second Whistle + Bango bangle (catch up on that story right HERE) and a phone case. Yes, yes, yes. My gadget now has a new gown thanks to Case Company. I totally love the fact that they allow you to add that personal touch - be it your own design, logo, name and so on - to a phone case. It was that exact moment that made me go for a Case Company piece. After failing to come up with my own design idea I decided to take the one the company offers (this one) - black-white-a la marble combination. A pretty simple, everyday case that also seemed to fit other day-to-day details of mine. How about customization? I came to a conclusion that blog's name (in full) will work well with this design. And voila! My personalized collection comes together... step by step.

Photo: A. Puzova