Statement round shades crush. 

Funny but I keep discovering more and more e-retailers recently. Latest ones include Rose Wholesale (make sure to follow their Facebook page), Sammydress and DressLily. Have to say that these three really overcame all my expectations, in terms of quality in first place. So for pretty affordable prices you not only get pieces that look exactly like in those e-store pictures, you also receive quality items and experience a great service. That's my sort of fashion conclusion, both personal and professional (I can never leave my fashion intellectual aside). And this very story is a debut of two latest fashion finds - casual sweater and round-shaped sunglasses. Oh wait, I knew I missed something... as this story is also a sort of a debut for my Whistle + Bango double trouble (on my wrist I mean).

Speaking of these statement shades, when I placed an order with Rose Wholesale I didn't expect this item will turn to be that big. But, well, a bigger size didn't minimize my excitement. On the contrary, I find this boho chic piece to be even more alluring now. There's some hippie twist, there's some boho twist. I've never been that much serious about these two style directions. Even though I do find both highly interesting. So maybe in 2017 we'll see these vibes turning into one more style direction within my practical-like wardrobe? Meanwhile, I already fell in love with this combination of round-shaped shades and flared jeans. Feeling adventurous about playing around all sort of different elements that could perfectly complement this couple...

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