Trend Report | Night Sky Shine

December 20, 2016

Getting Festive season 2016 gown ready. 

Time is taking us closer and closer towards two main celebrations of December - Christmas and New Year's Eve. And if you're not yet sure what to wear and how your festive-outfit should look like, then here's one fashion trend of Autumn/Winter 2016 season that will suit this case...
The 'night sky shine' trend. What is it all about? The answer is super simple - sequins, embroidery and embellishments. In terms of color it can be various combinations of black (or deep blue) and silver/gold. In other words, a piece should reflect a night sky filled with stars.
Runway inspirations? Well, basically it's all about two runway looks spotted at Alexander McQueen (the silver one is used in this story, the gold one can be found HERE) seasonal show. And as a final note, PQAP's selection of the most eye-catchy 'night sky shine' inspired pieces...

Image Courtesy: Vogue Runway

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