Turning into fashion-much Christmas tree for New Year's Eve. 

What screams Holiday season and New Year mood better than tinsel? You sure remember yourself back in those childhood days when you were decorating a Christmas tree and used to wrap yourself up in shiny tinsel. You had that moment, right?
Girls grow up, and some of our childhood tricks happen to turn into a real fashion trends. And tinsel is one of them. They say in fashion you can't deal without irony, self-irony. So when it comes to tinsel trend that you can easily pull in your New Year's Eve outfit you shouldn't be too serious. So turn on some fun and festive vibes on. Speaking of tinsel in fashion terms, it can come in all different forms... from black and silver to more colorful options and from statement sizes to more miniature ones. 
Best runway inspirations take us to Adam Selman, Dolce & Gabbana and Marco de Vincenzo shows. And, as usual, the most alluring online options are all gathered in this PQAP's festive-selection... 

Image Courtesy: Vogue Runway