Firmoo Glasses and DressLily Wrap

January 12, 2017

These cozy January breaks... 

Well, have to be honest here. I was first planning to share this story back in 2016, somewhere around December and that Holiday season. But at the end I decided to move it to my January plan. In order to start 2017 in a more chill out mood. Plus I still am not back to my personal mood, yes the fashion intellectual's one, that keeps pushing me to write those huge or smart-much essays. Even though I managed to outline few interesting topics in my little black book (of ideas) that I would love to discuss...

Meanwhile, today's story is more about these peaceful and cozy breaks in with a cup of tea, my now beloved wrap from DressLily and a good book (not necessarily about fashion). We haven't seen these nerd-ish Firmoo glasses of mine for quite some time now, huh? Well, I've been wearing it every, okay almost, time I was working in front of a laptop. And I still do. Even though it's not prescribed by doctor. It's just the fact my eyes don't feel that tired after hours spent with computer. So, yes, somehow specs still manage to take part in my blogging process. You know I just realized that there's a number of such essentials that stay behind the scenes... should definitely talk about it more...

Look of the Day:
H&M jeans (SIMILAR)


  1. Love how you've styled your pictures! Lovely blanket wrap!

    Isobel x

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