A personal pajama party. 

One more story from 'in my bedroom (or bed?)' series. True, true. Am having quite an affair with my refreshed bedroom interior. Sure it's due to this refurnished thing by means of which I started arranging everything the way I feel (and see it) at the moment  - clean colors and quite a simplicity. It's not all finished yet but the idea is coming together, step by step. Also, why I actually started sticking to this bed side and 'in my room' idea in some of my visual stories lately? Because it brings much more private touch... and gives way to my personal voice (and I don't mean fashion intellectual's one at all now).

Well, it's also good reason to finally welcome Matilda the mannequin into the spotlight (after like a year from the moment she joined me). Shall we put our Matilda talk off for another time? As I feel like my biggest partner in outfit building process deserves its own story. Still, I can't help but outline the fact that this new Zaful pajama of mine is so perfectly color co-ordinated with Matilda the mannequin. Speaking more about PJs... yes, it's not in neutral color and that's the thing. There was this moment when I suddenly realized I would love to give a go to something like this. At least, in terms of sleepwear. So here we go with silk-ish touch, pink-ish shade and a morning situation.