Mood to start a year with...

Well, well, well. Well. The first story of the year 2017. It's not about a look or an outfit. I just felt like bringing a little change to that opening kind of story. Actually, it's partially due to festive international post delays that I'm not kicking a fresh chapter off with a 'pajama and in my bed situation' kind of story. But, oh dear, not all things in life happen right the way we plan. And this silver-much (with tiny bits of gold) details story still perfectly fits my current, let's post-festive, mood.

Okay. Speaking of this silver addiction of mine that I feel is just on the rise kind of stage... I really found myself falling for silver shine and metallic effect while doing my end-of-2016 online shopping. It all started with this DressLily bag (that looks almost exactly like Dior's Diorama one - true, am not going to hide this fact) that I straightaway fell in love with. I knew it'll fit my nearly totally neutral wardrobe. Plus what can set a holiday season mood better that a shiny piece within one's daily outfits? What about shades with mirrored lenses effect? Firstly, in my opinion it comes as a perfect partner in crime for this bag. Secondly, it's just a way to avoid eye contact. Especially in crowded places.

Yes, you got it right. I don't really like eye contact thing. Especially with strangers. They say eyes are the mirror of the soul and probably that's the reason I'm hiding it. Isn't it weird to hear such stuff from a person who's running a blog and keeps openly sharing her photos with the world?  I bet it is. And it's quite a dilemma of my life. Going back to silver addiction of mine I realized it's these cold but still statement vibes that attract me in this shade (or color). There's something from the Snow Queen in it. Don't you think? Is it again my distant, introverted-much self coming into action?


Photo: A. Puzova