And outlining few favorites. 

So, even though I manage to still run this Beauty-oriented category on PQAP and I do like sharing some trend-directed stuff on seasonal basis, I tend not to talk that much about my own beauty routine or arsenal, whatever you name it. It just happens I seem to have found my favorite products of the moment, the ones that I find satisfying, so I don't see it to be that necessary to talk about it much. Speaking in general terms, currently I also tend to stick to few preferred makeup looks, pretty natural - neutral shaded ones, I mean the ones that help me enhance those Eastern-much facial vibes of mine (okay, sometimes I do envy those beauty-guru girls who can easily pull super bright, colorful makeup and look totally cool).

Now the idea behind this very story is quite obvious... some time ago my hands, and face, came across few Kary Kay products - Lash primer, Mineral powder foundation, concealer, True Dimensions lipstick and NouriShine plus lip gloss. And 2-3 of these already scored my love and appreciation. Respectively, am talking about the lash primer and concealer that I'm using on daily basis, and the lipstick that alternates lip balms and beloved Model Launcher and M.A.C. pieces. How I feel about the powder? Can't say I like it for all 100%. I still tend to stick only to liquid foundation on day to day basis, but from time to time I do bring some powder-magic around because, well, it helps skin look much better in photos...

Photo: A. Puzova