Favorite outfit formula of the moment. 

Right. Here is a pretty simple question 'How do you feel about sportswear?'. I mean you personally, regardless society and its imposed rules. By imposed rules, here, I mean the fact people might find it weird when others wear tracksuits, leggings or whatever else during a day, i. e. when they are not involved in a workout session. I personally adore sportswear, and loungewear, and I do feel free wearing it both indoors and outdoors. Like, I don't see why should I doll up when I leave for a post office, grocery and/or fashion shopping or a casual catch up with friends.

I remember the kind of a surprise reaction of my friend when I told her I was looking for a pair of simple, high-waisted (non-transparent or shiny effect) black leggings to mix with a bomber jacket and Nike shoes. Yes, I can easily walk up or down the street in such a combo. Well, she was even more surprised when I stated I was also looking a new tracksuit to wear both indoors and outdoors. Sure, I have nothing against leaving home in a tracksuit, sneakers (heeled boots or combat boots as well) and a puffer jacket (add fur coat, elongated coat and a biker jacket to the list). As for me, sportswear on casual basis is all about comfort, laid-back effect and less worries about 'do I look fashionable/stylish/trendy enough?'.

Speaking of this very suit I got from Zaful.com, that actually found its own place within my collection of tracksuits, leggings, hoodies and so on, and so on... I was intentionally searching for a velvet piece, preferably in black color. This one caught my eye due to its style in first place, and detailing - the zips - in second. Do I wear it more indoors or outdoors? I assume percentage is equal. The only variable in this case is footwear, and, well, outerwear. So it's two variables. Anyways, suit takes the role of a constant thing. A pretty comfortable one.

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