My partner in fashion blogging crime. 

Should I maybe start this story with a little note that back in days, I mean before I became an owner myself, when I used to walk around those interior-oriented stores my eye somehow managed to fall on mannequin section. I don't know, maybe it comes from those Barbie doll days when I couldn't get enough of dressing all my dolls up and then changing those outfits numerous times a day (and, well, my Barbie collection was huge... like huge), but when I got older (read grew out of Barbie thing) I started thinking how cool should it be to have a mannequin and dress it up with your own clothes...

And then, in 2016, Matilda the mannequin stepped into my life (how poetic does this sound?). Okay, let me put it clear straightaway - I don't even know how I managed to create proper looks without her. Matilda is such a help when it comes to outfit building process. It's much easier when you see an outfit from the side, you can visualize how it will look it photos and/or how others will see it. One also concentrates more on the outfit rather than own self. At least, that's how this whole situation is seen from my side. Now why did I call her Matilda? Those, whose childhood fell on the 1990's era should remember the comedy 'Matilda' about the girl who was telekinesis-genius. I loved the movie and the main character so much. And I found her name being too cool.

So I guess it was just stuck in my mind and when I was picking a name for the mannequin this version appeared to be so natural. Okay, it's been a year since Matilda the mannequin started to test-drive my outfits first. It took me quite some time to take her out of the shadow, or better say turn her into an official, almost full-time member of my blogging process. Needless to say how good she matches the refreshed interior... or how good does the new interior match my Matilda? You know what I just thought of is that girls might grow out of Barbie dolls, but I think girls can never grow out of dressing up process, especially in this social media era. And especially when one has such a partner by her hand.

AliExpress slip-ons (SIMILAR)

Photo: A. Puzova