Long time no see... 

For a natural fur. Or fur coats in general. Okay, okay. I've been thinking of talking through such a topic... a pretty serious topic for fashion and society in general... for quite a long time now. And after reading a detailed article at The Blue Print few weeks ago, with all pros and cons regarding natural fur, I felt like it's about time to drop some of my thoughts out here. So we all know there are movements and groups that stand for animal rights, I mean who fight against animal abusement for the sake of fashion and luxurious goods and so on. I bet you got my point. And I do have nothing against individuals for whom this fight is a sort of ideology, like Stella McCartney and her family (I do like setting her as an example as Stella affected fashion industry in a very serious way). On the contrary, I do respect their choice.

As opposed to ideologists I also see people who turn this 'animal rights' thing into a sort of cheap mainstream. I mean they will be saying out loud that they are against natural fur by all means but you will find them going for shoes and bags made of natural leather (wait a second, doesn't this count as animal abusement as well?) and eating meat. Is this a sort of half-ideology approach? Or is this more of hypocrisy? Or what is the idea behind this half-opinion regarding animals? No, don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to make you change your mind or show you are wrong (hey Thomas Salomon, we have some common thoughts)...  but in the year 2017 I see us humans facing more serious questions.

And when some people come to me asking 'don't you feel sorry for those animals being abused in order to produce this fur coat?' I feel like asking them my set of questions... like, don't you feel sorry for women being sold in (sexual) slavery even today? Or don't you feel sorry for kids being forced to get married or work at those factories because they can't get basic education? Don't you feel sorry for women who are deprived of basic human rights and freedom, when they don't have free access to medical care? Don't you feel sorry for many treasures of human civilization being literally wiped off by vandals of the 21st century? Don't you feel sorry for the recent rise of aggression and racism we are facing these days? My point here is, how are we even able to place this sort of topic, regarding animals and their rights, forefront if we yet can't handle our own selves and each other?

I believe it's quite clear from what I said above that I'm sure not one of those who fight or stand against animal abusement. Still, I don't support the blind animal abuse for the sake of excess production of fashion and luxury goods. As it was stated in that article of The Blue Print, there should rather be certain regulations and control over all those who operate in this, fur and leather, sector. Thus, we'll sure be able to find that middle ground. Speaking of today's outfit, it's now clear where this fur-oriented topic takes its roots from. To be honest, thanks to this fur coat I literally survived through cold-enough and snow-y January. And answering the question if it's appropriate to mix over the knee boots with skinny jeans - yes, I find it to be a good couple despite the fact there are these articles that state such a combo is so old-fashion thing. Rules are meant to be broken (while recommendations comes as much more powerful tool). And I don't really see why should I abandon something I like?

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