Way better than home slippers. 

So here's one more thing about me - I have a huge dislike towards slippers. And this anti-love has been chasing me ever since I remember myself. Since childhood days of course. I mean, in general terms I don't have anything against flip-flops and whatever those backless slippers are also called. I myself do wear flip-flops and flat mules throughout summer season. I just have problems with wearing it at home. Like what's the problem of going bare feet or to wear socks? It's always been my main argument when parents were trying to make me wear slippers at home. 

Am not an Eastern person at all in this case, as that's where the concept of home slippers comes from. Yes, I did google this topic and actually stumbled upon quite an interesting article. Am not even a Russian person in this case, as I seem not to get the 'home slippers cult'. Just for a note, I didn't make this collocation myself. Fine. Don't get me wrong as everything I said above regarding this topic is the way I personally feel. Now what I fancy wearing at home is a special pair of shoes. Like the ones that I got from Sammydress.com - highly comfortable, soft and faux fur-ry inside-out. And it fits all my loungewear. Just like in Loungewear All Day Everyday story.


Photo: A. Puzova