Loving parrots instead of the fire-ish rooster. 

You surely got my point, right? According to Chinese astrology, the main symbol of the year 2017 is a rooster. And I believe we all know there are people who take his symbol-much thing to the very next level by getting a jumper with rooster's image or placing a figurine on their office desk or... whatever people do to attract luck and all the good stuff throughout the whole year. Can't say I'm doing this stuff on annual basis, well, unless it's a monkey symbol. Okay, to cut a long story short, while I was undertaking one of those festive season online shopping sessions, at Zaful.com in first place, I came across brooch section.

I think at this point I should also mention that I'm not a super huge fan of this kind of accessory, just like in case with hair pins (if you remember that early January story). Still I decided to give it a go and was thinking it would be fun to opt for a rooster-ish brooch. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) no rooster was spotted among Zaful.com range, still it was this parrot couple that caught my eye. And since this piece is all about lovey-dovey and my beloved color blue (with pretty green) I see it as a good partner for some of my upcoming Spring-like outfits. Will see, will see...

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