Not so boring in total black. 

Black madness once again. And always. You know, whenever I talk about black color in general or total black outfits I start feeling like am a sort of an advocate of this color. It's probably due to that I try to bring some facts, well-known sayings or psychology and/or characteristics of black to my stories. But really. What I just thought of is, it seems to me that black color is the most studied-and-researched one of them all. Every now and then I keep seeing new studies popping up. Speaking of such studies, not that long ago (okay, around December) I bumped into this article on Who What Wear that was citing one of British color-based studies from back in 2015.

And according to that study, it turns out that those who wear black color are seen as much more attractive. Now I found it to be quite surprising as I always thought that attractiveness is more about what you translate from within, and this, again in my opinion, is connected with the fact that you personally feel comfortable wearing this of that color. Turns out it's not that simple, right? The Who What Wear article also stated that total black outfits "inspire the most confidence" in people who happen to be around us. And this comes as a huge plus for team 'all black everything'. Have you ever thought of inspiring others and evoking some fire from deepest corners of their souls? Simply wear black. A lot of black.

Okay, this fashionably-scientific (?) talk came in handy with today's outfit. It's not of a secret I like black color and from time to time I tend to come around with total black outfits. What I find interesting in terms of this very combination is a big game of textures. Game that brings the outfit to a whole new level and doesn't make it look boring. Sure the spotlight goes to Zaful dress that combined knitwear and lace in itself. I do find it adorable when lace is incorporated with something casual or classic. Also it's due to these army-like boots from Sammydress - even though it's of suede, it still looks daring enough. So the dress and the boots are all about contrasts in terms of this outfit. And just in case one feels like adding tiny bits of other shades or colors - use details, makeup, manicure and so on.

Look of the Day:
Capriola coat (SIMILAR)

Photo: T. Egorova