February 11, 2017

We are the world connected by common bond...

We all are born humans. Not designers, journalists, engineers, politicians, influencers and so on. We are all born humans. And here our skin-hair-eye colors, genders, cultural backgrounds, religions, environments and the rest come as a pretty interesting tool of diversification. This diversity gave the world, our world, a lot of discoveries in so many fields, so many works of art that are still able to take ones breath away and so many beautiful minds and personalities who managed (and still do) to prove nothing is impossible for a human being. And still...

And still... we no more can't pretend that nothing is happening. And I personally feel highly encouraged (especially since I raised this question of rising level of racism and aggression in one of my latest stories) by the fact that such an influencial source in the world of fashion as The Business of Fashion steps out with #tiedtogether movement. A movement that brings humanity, solidarity, unity and inclusiveness forefront. Isn't this the best sign the world of fashion is not a stranger to such things as turmoil and fear? Therefore, BoF is inviting every single human to join the movement and show off your solidarity.

So make your bond with other nations, cultures and religions even stronger by implementing a white bandana in your photo, share this photo across social media and get #tiedtogether. Read more about this brilliant movement on The Business of Fashion.

Image Courtesy: The Business of Fashion

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