Going natural for Spring/Summer 2017 season. 

Almost a la nude makeup or a clean skin effect, the second one is literally about bare face and no hint of blush and whatever, go hand in hand and stand for main thing - less makeup or, at least, a more natural look.
Clean skin effect was spotted within Lacoste seasonal runway looks and was literally screaming 'no makeup' (except for foundation probably). Almost a la nude makeup, in turn, was seen at Isabel Marant and was about some blush and noticeable glow (good we have strobing technique for that). Well, you can also opt for a third option - no single drop of makeup, like at all - simply sport that super healthy, glowing skin of yours. You choose.
And in case you don't feel ready to abandon beauty routine yet, here's PQAP selection with beauty products that might be helpful to achieve that natural look...

Image Courtesy: Pinterest