Opting for comfort...

And almost all black everything kind of combination. Okay, for me comfort and black color don't necessarily come hand in hand. This point is about stepping into the territory of one of my future outfit stories as it will feature brown-ie shaded tracksuit (yes, am truly obsessed with sportswear lately), but see as I said, black and comfort don't always come together. Well, in case with today's story the two directions intersect. A black shaded duo plus animalistic touch. I love how these slip-on shoes turned into a pretty fashion-much cherry here. 

But so far it's not the only one. In terms of this outfit combination I also find Zaful sweatshirt to be a pretty eye-catchy element. Why? Probably because at first sight it might seem to be a super simple piece. But if you study it in more details, especially the neckline area, you'll surely get my point. In other words, with the slight movement of a hand this high collar can be tuned into a hood. Speaking of today's outfit more, I love this 'casual but not that much' effect that's delivered through this sweatshirt - formal pants - slip-ons combination. Long live contrasting style interactions, right?

Look of the Day:
H&M pants (SIMILAR)
Aliexpress slip-ons (SIMILAR)
H&M rings (SIMILAR)