Into the exotics.

Back to beige, brown, sand, caramel, nude-ish shades. Looking back at previous outfit stories of mine I just realized that through this past winter, and even autumn, season I happened to avoid one of my favorite color directions. Beige and browns, respectively. I happened to seriously fall for these colors and its various, literally endless, number of shades few years ago. Interesting, but in a color survey (the one I was once citing regarding black color) brown was stated not to be an attractive shade in terms of clothing. To me personally these results come as a sort of surprise. As I see brown color, and again its many shades, to be have that neutral, calm-much effect.

I do feel comfortable when wearing such shades. Even more, I love the effect that beiges and/or browns bring to brown colored hair-and-eyes. No offense to other eye and hair colors. It's just this total earthy, natural-much thing. I find it highly alluring. Especially since I myself also use brown shades in terms of make-up. Okay, what am I trying to say is that this spring season, after like half a year or so break from beiges and browns, I'm going back to this color direction, and in quite heavy terms. Yes, today's story is just the beginning. To certain extent I guess it's this Chic Me dress that brought me back to earthy-shaded track.

Speaking of Chic Me online store, I have to say that I fell for their range. Quite sexy. sometimes too provocative, sometimes just daring and cool stuff. Chic Me range is all about bringing feminine curves forefront, emphasizing it and so. Somehow Kardashian-Jenner girls style, don't you think? True, my recent style/clothing preferences been fluctuating from intellectual-oriented Mira Duma to highly sexy and curve-centered Kim K W and Kylie J (let's skip talking about their fakeness or whatever, this clan keeps pushing own direction and it seems to work). But let's go back to my Chic Me dress with this alluring side split... am highly satisfied my choice fell for this very piece. And I do like how good it works with open booties, even though shades of these two are quite different.

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Photo: T. Egorova