Still discoloring my seasonal wardrobe.

Now this is quite funny, at least to me, that I ended up having this criss cross effect in most of this outfit's pieces - skirt, sweater, boots and even tights. Can't say I did it on purpose. On the contrary, this combination was initially based upon the fact all fashion elements might form this very look, feminine yet rebelliously daring I would say, together. So, I guess we can state tat the outfit was created around associations. And, well, also around one of my favorite color strategies of the moment.

As they say, go hard or go home. This phrase perfectly characterizes my re-newed (or re-born) brown shaded addiction. I've been talking his beiges-and-browns topic through in one of those previous Outfit-stories. So I guess there's no need to repeat my own self again, and again. I can only say that my wardrobe currently is on the highway of being discolored. Okay, not that much. If you look into it, you can still spot some blues, deep greens, pale-ish pinks. But, true, the base (or better say core?) of my wardrobe is neutral-oriented. And you know, I find myself being much more satisfied now regarding everyday fashion/style/clothing choices. 

Fine. One more thing about this very outfit. It's core is built with just one online store range - Dresslily. Let me put it in a more simple way. Back in few weeks ago I was having yet another shopping session on and suddenly found myself trying to build a total outfit, instead of just looking for some interesting items that I could play around by mixing it with stuff that already is present within my fashion arsenal. Yes, I totally see each of these three items going on its own so to say. But the initial idea was to have this Dresslily combination, that did cost me like $40. As simple, and budget friendly, as that. Plus some Sammydress stuff also came in handy...

Look of the Day:

Photo: T. Egorova