When borders really matter. 

This story somehow is a continuation, let's just put it this way, of a previous interior-oriented one that was all about tiny interior details. Yet today it's about a more narrow topic - frames. Picture and photo frames. 
I adore surrounding myself with visuals. It feels to me that in the age of smart phones, digital environment and Instagram something like a printed out photo turns into an old school thing. And it's not just the fact visuals do bring interior game to a whole new level, it's also the fact such elements add this feeling of comfort to this or that room. I don't remember, I think I read it in a psychology-oriented book or article that a place without visuals leaves you with a pretty cold-inside feeling. Somehow like that. But enough. Let's go back to frames. I like it when a frame perfectly fits either general interior or a group of certain details. It's all about a certain mood in my case.
Well, today's PQAP selection of coolest frames, in turn, isn't about a certain mood. It's all about various styles and various tastes. And lots of frames...  

Image Courtesy: Homedit