A much needed lingerie talk. 

Now here's a pretty interesting and quite an important topic to talk through. Because each of us, ladies, faces this moment at this or that time.
The undergarment moment. And as undergarments here I mean shapewear (we already covered this topic back in New Year's Eve Ready with PPZ story) and other sort of lingerie, such as bodysuits, slips, high-rise panties and so that can easily make your curves look spectacular, up body game in visual terms or simply be worn under sheer, transparent garments. It's all about adding that twist you know.
Therefore, in today's PQAP Inspiration-selection I collected various undergarment pieces in 3 main color directions - shades of nude, black and white - that will meet, literally, all of your needs. In undergarments terms of course.

Image Courtesy: Lingerie Insight