A story starring metallic effect jacket.

This story comes as a sort of a sequel to the Less than 50 Shades of Grey one, or not really... I mean, if a movie can have a second part why can't that look of mine from February 2016 have its own sequel? Again, the story and the outfit have nothing to do with the movie itself. I just find it interesting to see that even a year after I tend to play around shades of black and grey color combination. I also find it interesting to observe how over this year my style preferences, or directions, have changed.

I mean, analysis of examples from the past is one of the best ways to track changes and development regarding this or that moment. And in terms of today's story it's more about the wrapping rather than stuffing. Well, I'm also planning to talk about stuffing thing some time soon I guess. But first there's still a huge amount of work to be done in terms of putting everything in order, you know. Okay, it was just in previous story, the Inspiration | Metallic Effect Jackets one, that I threw a phrase regarding personal experience...

That you can easily throw such a jacket on top of many different outfit combinations. So here we go with an actual example. See, here's quite a classic combination both in terms of style and colors. Black and grey, turtleneck and pants, court heels and classy bag. Now if you use imagination and visually erase the jacket, and sunglasses, then you'll get quite a simple, habitual-like combination. Right? But the jacket with metallic effect and also these shades with mirror-ed lenses do add a special twist. A more modern and fashionably daring twist. That's what I mean when I say it's more than just 50 shades of grey (and black).

Look of the Day:
Aldo heels (SIMILAR)

Photo: T. Egorova