Details that matter in Spring/Summer 2017 season. 

Lace ups, lacing, tie ups - it's all about one of those leading trends of this Spring/Summer season.
Think lacing we are already used to, like bodies, tops and even dresses with tie up thing at the front or back side, or even all the way on the sleeves or garment sides. Think skirts and also pants with lace ups. Think broader about tie ups and you'll come to the idea that lacing can be done with, let's say, ribbons around your body and/or detailing, such as proper seams and so on. In one word, there's a pretty big room for lacing trend.
Best runway inspirations take us to Milly, Alexander Wang and Kaelen. Meanwhile, some of the most investment-worth pieces are collected in this PQAP selection...

Image Courtesy: Fashion Cognoscente