Showing off some skin this Spring/Summer 2017 season. 

Artists have always been celebrating female's bodies. Artists adored picturing a bit more, or in some cases much more, than society was used to. Well, it's 21st century o'clock but creators of all kinds still celebrate female's bodies.
Times have changed long ago and these days designers are somehow teaching us, ladies in first place, to love and be proud of our bodies despite parameters, weight and so on. Because, well, we all are different and we all are beautiful. And we all deserve a chance to show off some skin, some curves and some pride. Therefore, equip yourself with the sheer effect this Spring/Summer season. The level of transparency, as well as the amount of body parts you want to show are up to you. In this case, sheer thing is about all different stuff - from skirts, blouses and pants, to tops and slip dresses that remind us more of lingerie. And don't forget that transparency can be mixed with all sort of different styles. Just have a little research.
Best runway inspirations take us to Dior, Chanel, Balmain, Alexander McQueen, John Galliano and Louis Vuitton. While most eye-catchy online options are all collected in a new PQAP selection.

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