Back at it...

Back at curves kinda thing. Bless bodycon dresses. And so on and so forth. Basically after many years of fighting against my natural hip line and literally crossing the line to anorexia at some point (not because of dieting or starving myself out though), it's time to accept the fact skinnines that fashion's been popularizing for so long is not really worth it. Well I think it's not worth it. In this case (and not just this one) I find Halima Aden's, yes that hijab-wearing model everyone's talking about these days, words 'Don't change yourself... change the game' fitting the best. Like, see I believe fashion industry should in first place stand for diversity on all levels. Especially these days.

So yes, ever since I stopped trying to reduce the size of my hips, or better say straighten the visual, and actual, difference between waist and hips zone, I shifted my, let's call it, body strategy to something more natural-like... in my terms of course. And by natural I mean curves. Not Kim K W ones, but still. And one of my biggest fashion crushes, or whatever you name it, in this case is bodycon stuff. Simply fitting stuff, like dresses, skirts, high-waisted jeans (no, I don't think skinnies are dead just yet), leggings and so on.

Is it high time to spread several words about this outfit? Well, it's surely my favorite combination so far this year (it could then be followed by distressed sweater look and so on). Like for real. I do adore this white bodycon dress. I do adore these lace up boots - my shoe crush of the moment. I adore this metallic effect jacket from More Than Just 50 Shades of Grey story. I adore this stuff separately, I mean each piece on its own, and I adore it all together within this outfit. A win-win formula.

Look of the Day:

Photo: T. Egorova